More question about L293D


I have a monster RC truck. I want to modify it to to use the Arduino to control it to go forward and backward. I followed this tutorial, everything works fine on a small motor.

I gave pin8 an external power-9.6v 1250A NiMH battery ( the battery used on the truck.) to power the large motor of the truck, the motor gets only half the speed and it gets so hot that it can toast a peanut!. Upon reading up the data sheet of the L293D, I realized the L293D only provides current up to 600mA. Is this why the motor doesn’t run in full RPM?

If so, can someone recommend a chip has similar function of the L293D but can provide at least 1.5 A current? (Even the L293, can only provide up to 1A of current, according to the data sheet.)

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile: