More question related to STM32F103C8T6 with 3.97" TFT and GxTFT library

I have read all posts related to 3.97" TFT with OTM8009A controller (links bellow). I suspect the GxTFT library support that unit for 16 bits communication but I could not concluded if the 8 bits comunication was already implemented. Does anybody know something about OTM8009A wired in 8 bits mode ? Thanks

PS: This display has 800x480 resolution, IRQ signal for touch screen, and absolutely low cost price (seams must good to be true !!!). The only things it has not is a good support for arduino users... Very disappointed !!!

3.97 Inch TFT IPS Touch LCD Display Screen Module High Resolution 800*480 3.97" STM32 Driver IC DIY Kit For Arduino|LCD Modules| - AliExpress and 3.97inch 16BIT Module OTM8009A SKU:MRB3971 - LCD wiki


I had no luck with this display with 8 bit interface. See also this post.

Jean Marc, thanks for reply. If you agree I would like to try starting where you stoped. Is it possible to have access to you last trying code ? Probably something like GxIO_STM32F103C8T6_P8.cpp, GxIO_STM32F103C8T6_P8.h and my_3.97_800x480_OTM8009A_STM32F103C8T6_P8.h...

No, because this would require more work for me, e.g. to collect relevant files and maybe to clean up.
I do not want to put any more work into this. I have to be selective with my work, to avoid getting burnout symptoms.