more servo library questions

I am getting confused between the different servo libraries. One of the libraries only allows you to connect a servo to pin 9 or 10 and if you are only using one servo, pwm is disabled for the other free pin.

The servo library here:

seems to give more freedom but it does not specify what pins I should use and the limitations in doing so. For example I assume it has to be a pin that has pwm capabilities?

So my question is: 1. What pins can I use the servo on and will it affect any of the other pins?

  1. What is the best servo library to use? I only have one servo to control but I need all other pins free.

If you only have one servo then I suggest you go with the servo library in your first link. You can use pins 9 and/or 10. The only restriction with that is that assuming pin 9 is used for the servo, you can't use pin 10 for PWM (analogWrites) but you can use pin 10 for digital reads and writes.

That servo library is now part of Arduino 0012 release