more snow on the way another 6-12 inches forecast.

You guys in Australia get back down under 100F/45C yet?

It's been unseasonally mild over here so far. I've only had to scrape the frost off the car twice this Winter, no snow at all. No doubt now I've said that it'll be white over before the end of the month!

This last weekend, it got up to almost 50F in Anchorage! Which is good timing, because I just lost the no-longer-sold remote to my autostart... =(

37C here yesterday, but I think it's been warmer down south. The forecast is for low-mid 30s (C of course) over the next week, no mention of snow :)


Another cold week or so coming here :fearful: They're forecasting -8°F (-22°C) here tonight. It's 3°F as I write this.

I say this every time we talk about the northern hemisphere weather, how the hell do you guys live with that crap? The heat does have it's issues but it's not fatal (unless you leave a broken car and try to walk to the nearest town in the outback) or even that uncomfortable.

We had about 42C last week, as long as you don't plan to be out working the land (although I did lay some paving stones) it's a little bit uncomfortable but OK.

And in the winter we usually have temps around 25C during the day, at night I have to wear track pants and possibly a sweater, I may even close the windows :)


How? I have no idea. I only live here because this is where my stuff's at. I would trade all this frozen wonderland crap in a heartbeat for a chance to sit outside on a warm evening and stare up at the stars. Can't do that in AK. When it's warm enough, it's never dark enough. (And even 'warm' summer nights are a balmy 60F or so.)

OTOH, I've seen pictures of the kind of critters that live in Australia. Snakes and spiders and killer attack rodents. --shudder-- I'm amazed anyone's left. Plus, I'm not sure I could get used to everything being upside down. XD

Graynomad: I say this every time we talk about the northern hemisphere weather, how the hell do you guys live with that crap? The heat does have it's issues but it's not fatal (unless you leave a broken car and try to walk to the nearest town in the outback) or even that uncomfortable.

Well this is a bit unusual, OTOH we've had quite a few years of mild winters now. It's a matter of what you're prepared for. Like you say, we lose people in the desert, Arizona or wherever, every year when their dune buggies break down. We regularly lose people to both heat and cold due to a variety of causes. Personally, I like the cooler climate. I can put on more layers, and more wood on the fire, but I can only take so much off. Hibernating inside with the A/C running is worse to me than hibernating from the cold. This is actually a great time to catch up on my reading, fiddle with the electronics, paint the house a bit, and get the bicycle overhauled in time for spring. I just signed up for a 5K run next month called Run Your ICE Off. Last run I did in February was two years ago, it was 6°F at the starting line. Painful on the face until we turned out of the wind, then it was a great run. Not too much snow and cold enough that it wasn't wet.

When it’s warm enough, it’s never dark enough.

I have a similar saying about swimming in Oz.

“Everywhere it’s warm enough it’s not safe, and everywhere it’s safe enough it’s not warm.”

Basically I steer clear of open water of any type, up north if the stingers (Irukandji jelly fish) don’t get you, the snapping handbags (crocs) will. And down south it’s the noah’s arks (sharks). Heck in South Australia there are so many white pointers I don’t even take a shower until I’m at least 50 miles from the coast.

Haven’t seen many joe blakes (snakes) this season yet, I did chase one away from the truck yesterday but I think it was a harmless tree snake. It’s hard to tell without being bitten and documenting the manner in which you die :slight_smile:

At least we don’t have bears and mountain lions, there are very few critters I would not tackle in Oz as long as I had a decent stick or knife. Can’t say the same about a bear I suspect.

Back to temperatures, yes you do acclimatise to -40 or +40, but I understand studies have shown that given their druthers a human prefers about 25C regardless of what they have become used to. I would agree, +40 is OK but 25 is a lot more comfortable.

One really good thing about hot weather though is that it’s easy to be poor, you don’t need any active cooling or many clothes, I don’t even wear shoes for months at a time, I do have a jacket somewhere and fleece clothes but they are for bushwalking down south or in the desert, my normal wardrobe consists of 2-3 sets of t-shirts and shorts. Total cost maybe $50. You don’t need a well-insulated house, a furnace, a hot water system etc. In fact you don’t need a house at all in the normal sense of the word.


I'm with Jack - you can always dress warmer, but once you're naked, it's hard to undress anymore to cool off 8) This Bill Bryson book, describing his tour across Australia, struck me as really, really funny. The great way he describes all the natural wildlife and all the ways everything has developed to kill you is just wonderful reading.

I just downloaded that and started reading.

Apparently some terrorist mob set off an atomic bomb in outback West Australia and almost nobody noticed. One bloke said his beer tipped off the table and that was about it.

You gotta love that :)

And yes I remember when we lost our prime minister, he went swimming in the surf and never came back. Can you imagine that happening to the President in the US.


Here it was significantly colder today than yesterday. 68F (20C) yesterday. Light breeze. No clouds. 48F (9C) today. Light breeze. No clouds. I had to put on a light jacket. The dog fell asleep flat on her back laying in the sun both afternoons (she's developing a nice tan on her underside).

Last week I talked to my father. It was pleasant weather here and significantly below freezing there. His first question was, "are you sure you want to move back here?" I have to admit that the water on the surface of my eyeballs freezing is something I don't miss.

Hi, loverly day in Victoria Australia, today, 23DegC. The insects are out ,beetles, spiders, anything that flies and is not nice inside the house are trying to get inside the house. Tennis fever in the house at the moment, wife and step daughter tennis fanatics, step daughter Raffa fan. She went down to see tennis last week, in the heat, tennis is a weird disease. No trains cos of track work so coached to and back, 90minutes each way. We have snow here about once or twice a year, only for about 6 to 12 hours, then gone.

Tom..... 8)

Graynomad: The heat does have it's issues but it's not fatal (unless you leave a broken car and try to walk to the nearest town in the outback) or even that uncomfortable.

That's not quite true. There are a significant number of fatalities each year.

Hi, this year the number of times kids left locked in cars in carparks seems to have increased too. Fortunately most have had happy endings due to people being observant.

Tom... 8)

Yes I suppose the heat can kill as well, especially for old people living in the city. I guess what I'm saying is that if I sit outside at +40 there are no issues and no special clothing required, do the same at -40 and you need some serious gear.


+40C/~105F is not very much above "normal" tho, considering body temps are ~36C/98.6F. Just a few degrees. Drink more, sweat some more, stay out of the direct sun.

-40C/-40F is waaaay below normal. Whole lotta degrees!

true, it's not fair to work around 0.

I suppose +5C and +45C is a better comparison, both about 20 off the "normal". And if we go more extreme, let's say +-30 from normal we have -5 and +55, the cold temp is of course quite liveable with a couple of jumpers, the hot version is almost not survivable.

Add another 10 degrees and the in the hot version all life is extinguished on earth (well just about) but many people live quite happily at -15.

So I guess it's fair to say that "hot" is nowhere near as extreme as "cold" can be, even the hottest day is only 20-25 above normal, but the coldest day can be 50-60 (or more) below normal.

Now I've forgotten my original argument :) I still think it's easier and cheaper to live with heat than the cold that half the northern hemisphere experiences.


I could go for some too hot outside, although I really really shouldn't complain, in that we're in the middle of a warm spell that keeps the outside temp between 20 and 40F. I.e., hovering around 0C. Makes the roads interesting, but I'll take it. January and February usually stay well below freezing, and when it does warm up just a little, we get a foot or three of snow. ;) Can't win either way.

Sure, you can stay inside and bundle up, but unless you have a new and extremely well insulated house, there's no getting away from the cold when it's below 0F. It just radiates through the windows and walls and floors. Even when the thermostat claims it's 70F, your bones tell you otherwise.

Some day.. I'll find myself in the San Francisco Bay area. Moderate temps all year long, an hour away from Half Moon Bay, things to do, free shipping... Yes, please! This place is for the birds! :astonished:

I keep thinking I'm waiting for global warming to kick in make winters shorter here. We got 106 inches of snow the winter of 94-95, or 95-96? Then in 2010-2011 I think we got dumped on again, I was just getting into Arduino then and posted some pics. The other years not too much. Couple of storms this year, not bad tho. Didn't even bother shoveling the last two. Course now the driveway's an icy mess!