More sources to buy Arduino?

The only two sources that I can find to buy the Arduino board is Sparkfun for the US, which is out of stock, and PCB Europe, which wants to charge me 40 EU for shipping (making the total cost almost $100 US).

I’d build my own, but the only source for the PCB seems to be PCB Europe, and the same shipping cost comes into play. Does anyone know of any other sources for these things?


SparkFun notified me yesterday that they have more in stock. 288 in stock as of right now (14:45PM EDT)--

I am in the process of tring to work out a deal with sparks to become a dealer. If there is an interest for another dealer in the US please let me know.

Sorry I ment to say I was tring to work out a deal with the Arduino Team to sell Arduino Products and Arduino Support Products only. This seams to be a slow process hopefully sometime soon we will be opening our doors to the public.

Just an FYI to anyone trying to buy Arduino USB boards from Spark:

They are out of stock as of Feb 27th. I called them up and was given an ETA of around March 20th.

Check Bare-Bones Arduino and boards at