More than one receiver software for serial messages


I wonder whether you could help me?

Is there a way to receive the same serial message (sent from Arduino to the SerialPort) by multiple software (SuperCollider and Processiong)?

thank you and all the best, Krisztian

Well it's not an arduino question, it is one of if your PC will allow lots of different software access to the same serial port.

I would imagine that the answer is no because one thing an operating system does is to not have a conflict over resources. Maybe if you are running lynx you could hack some sort of multiple driver.

Failing that you could write a program to accept data from one serial port and send it out to other applications. Perhaps using something like OSC.

hi, thank you, we work with macs, so will post on the mac forum. Tried osc, it works, but would have been nice to receive the same serial message without osc in two software. thanks for your reply! best, K

we work with macs

So do I, I don’t think you can do it.

For the PC there exist COM port multiplexers which show one serial port as N virtual ones. Usefull for sniffing etc. (sorry no link nearby) I assume similar SW exist for MAC

thanks will do my research...

You could, prehaps, depending on your wants, proceed as follows:

Use a little program in the Mac (or PC, for other readers), to watch the serial port, and then write what is seen to one or more datafiles, from which the other software would take their data....

Found a link for PC serial port splitter - -

more links see - -

The OP is on a Mac and that port splitter is Windoze only!