more than two stepper motors using Adafruit Motor Shield, po

Hello, I have three stepper motors (Sparkfun ROB-10848) that I wanted to control. I have already had an Arduino Mega 2560 and an AdaFruit Motor Shield V2: How could I connect all these steppers so to control them using Arduino Mega? Thank you, Karim

Three stepper controller. best choice may not be a 'ordinary' motor shield, but a stepper control shield/chip

Three stepper motors? I'm afraid that you can't control all three using one shield because it can only support up to 2 stepper motors, do read its specification from the website.

You can only do so by stacking two shields together. And for its usage, check the tutorial documentation from the official website too. They have included the libraries as well.

For controlling steppers, this one is a better alternative (as they allow smoother stepping) or even