more user-friendly interface for uploading

hello, I'd like to know if anyone heard about a very light/easy to use interface for uploading code in arduino board. it isn't for me. I'm more advanced, and I can use IDE, but some of friends for which I build things cannot.

the purpose: I code application (firmware). I upgrade it, and I want my friend to upgrade their board themselves easily

any way? ideas?

I can even code things if I knew from which point to begin...

all the best,

The Arduino IDE really just calls AVRdude to do the uploading in the background.

You can turn on verbose compiling / upload and see just whats going on, and how the commandline for AVRdude should be build.

Then you could call AVRdude from a bat or cmd file or from a program you make yourself.

okay :) thanks a lot for your information.