morse code project help

ok ive got an idea for a project im a complete novice when it comes to coding the software and wiring up the arduino.

my idea is to have a switch, when the switch is pressed a series of led flashes a number of times and then stops. when it stops the user has to press a second button in the same amount of times, if the user was correct a green led lights up, if incorrect a red led lights up. if the user was correct a new led sequence is generated and the process is repeated.

my question is how would i code and wire this? and secondly, could i have this all running on one arduino uno and breadboard or will i need two breadboards?

Why not start off with some of the examples that are included with the IDE?

I have written morse code software in the past. I am sure it could be done on the Arduino but it's not trivial. Generating morse is easy, it's the reading that is a bit more complext. The main issue is that it's not just the number of presses but the timing. The timing for accurate morse is quite precise with a dash being 3 times the length of a dot and the letter and word spacing is also accurately defined. It's no good just measuring times as the timing will change depending o the speed.

I also can't quite see the point of what you are trying to do.

sorry maybe i shouldnt have written morse code in the title.

and in response, the timing that the button is pressed will not matter.

to explain better in pseudo it will be something like:

press pushbutton 1 blue led plays sequence of flashes then stops user then repeats number of led flashes using push button 2 if incorrect red led lights up and the user tries again if correct green led lights up and new sequence is played on blue led repeat for 5 sequences

A version of “Simon”.

Paul__B: A version of "Simon".

yea didnt even notice the game is essentially simon.

i suppose what im aiming for is a simpler version which does not rely on correct input from multiple switches but more the number of inputs from a single one.