mosbus RTU or ASCII on RS 485

Hi everybody I m new about this. I need a system which consist master and slaves (pcb). I need to one of these protokols. Which one do you suggest?

In my system, I need to send command to slaves by making adressing (I want to choose which slave takes command). (They should use RS 485 for communication).

Could you please send me a basic code (for master and slaves) about this and which library I will need? Thanks...

Post links to the protocols your talking about. I can find nothing useful about mosbus or RTU and ASCII is not a protocol. Why not design your own protocol?

I think he means Modbus.

Just google "Arduino modbus library". There's a Master library in the Playground, and various Mast/Slave combinations in many other places.

You can also "Search the Arduino forum" (on your screen now, upper right) for "modbus" discussions and (gasp!) libraries.

Cheers, /dev