mosfet 2 switches 1 motor? first project.... stuck

ok guys can anyone help... im trying to make the ardueno nano control a mosfet to control a motor. with 2 diffrent switches for example:

Switch one will make the motor rotate 1 time Switch two will make the motor rotate 2 times

My question is how do i set the mosfet up and attach to the arduino with switches?

first project so be nice haha, the code is not so much of a problem i can do a bit of coding,.

i have: 20 ohm 2k ohm 10k ohm 100k ohm 3k ohm and the mosfet can anyone help me to get this working!?

iv managed to get the nano to run from a 11.1v lipo with a 2k resister and the vin/grn

cheers guys

I have used Logic MOSFETs, N-channel, but from UNOs. Does Nano run on 3.3 volt? I hope other helpers can tell whether 3.3 volt is enough for MOSFETs. What do You mean by "run one time"? Is it one revolution or just make a rush for some unimportant amount of time? 11 volt and a resistor looks rather uncertain to me. What does the Nano daha sheet tell?

yeah i used a voltage Step down resister from 11.1v to 5v for the nano, and i mean as i can control how long the motor will be "on" i did follow this guide but i cant get it to work at all

so an update. at the moment im trying to get a LED to turn on and off with a switch and mosfet, i can make the led to blink on and off with

#define LED 12

void setup(){

pinMode(LED, OUTPUT);
void loop(){
digitalWrite(_LED, HIGH);
// delay(250);

digitalWrite(_LED, LOW);
// delay(250);

with the mosfet installed.

how do i go about installing a switch ? do i put it between the mosfet and pin 12?
or do i use a diffrent socket to read and write from?
for example put led/mosfet to pin 12,

switch to say grn and pin 11, and if pin 11 =1 then d12 = 1 else d12 =0

if you get what i mean?

voltage Step down resister That looks strange to me. Can it be what normally is called voltage divider? Not my busyiness but that can be dangerous to the Nano.

Reading switches or reading buttons. There are plenty of text written here in Forum about that already. Tka a sweep and look for button topics.

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If you are using a single resistor to drop 11v to 5V, then STOP.

You need a proper regulated power supply for the 5V supply to the nano.

Tom... :)