Mosfet Advise

Hi all,

Ive been doing some searching but not really found what im after.
Im building a project for my car and im looking for a mosfet to mainly drive a 500ma solenoid type load.
Ive found a ideal looking mosfet ZVN4306A which as a max drain of 1.12a and a max resistance of 0.45ohm at 5v gate voltage. But i was wondering if someone knows of a easier to find more common favourite mosfet thats n channel 1 to 2amp max and suitable for logic level switching?
I need a through hole type and ideally a standard T0-92 or a i-pak type size.

Im not after any high speed switching so thats not a real issue.

Many thanks



De TO-92 limits it a bit.

Digikey has a great part selection function. Just select your parameters (minimum current etc) and you'll get lots of suitable options.

So you are building this for a car and yet size is limited to to92...???

Bite the bullet and splurge out on any logic level TO220.
IRLZ44N ..........$1.50 for 5 from China.(delivered)