MOSFET Driver General Control/Activation

Hey Guys,

I'm trying to control an inductive load via a MOSFET IC Driver connected to an Arduino unit, such as this:

I've never had any previous experience with ICs that had the MOSFETs in them (MOSFETS themselves -- that's another matter); is activation of a driver such as above generally like that of a relay, i.e. "ON" or "OFF" dependent on a 0/5V("HI"/"LO") output signal to the driver's input. I've read and re-read the datasheet and thought it's explanation of the ON/OFF state rather cryptic.

Closest lead I could find was info on the open load detection table on pg.11 which has an "on-state detection threshold" current value FOR a test condition of 5V Vin, 8-18 VCC; does that mean, then on state activation is really current-based vs. voltage based for this model?


The max driver's input voltage (arduino to the driver) based on the datasheet is 3V CMOS (driver's INPUT1,2). So you may use a resistive voltage divider to go from 5V to 3V (ie 1k8/2k7). The STATUS1,2 are read by arduino inputs, you need a pullup at the arduino inputs (ie 10k wired to arduino's +5V). Everyhing else is a matter of the table N.12 study..