MOSFET for ESP32 help choosing please

I am looking for a good N-Mosfet that I can directly control using external power of 3.0v and keep active with a GPIO pin of the ESP32 set to high. eg see diagram

If I put the in diodes eg D1,D2, it drops the voltage more so the gate does not work / trigger
could you please recommend a correct N mosfet that would work on these lowered voltages due to the Diodes


After looking on Digikey and reading a lot of schematics and aliexpress I see most n type mosfets work on >3.3 or 5 or greater v.
I am completely confused about Vgs(ths) etc

Can someone please help me in choosing a correct mosfet and any comments on the circuit diagram would be very much appreciated or any other gotchas I need to be mindful of?

many thanks