mosfet gate driver IC

Hi all,

Can you recomend me a MOSFET gate driver IC for me from Texas Instruments. This is for a H bridge to control a brushed DC motor. I am using IRF530.


Why Texas Instruments? For IRF530 you'll need a 12V supply for the driver, and bootstrapped high-low drivers.
Does your application need a charge pump for the high-side drivers? What voltage is the system?

Searching for TI chips I found the LM5100 which will do - but doesn't have a charge pump so you cannot leave the high-side
MOSETs on continuously (PWM them below 100% duty cycle).

There are a wide range of drivers available - some do a half-H-bridge, some do just low-side or just high-side,
some do whole H-bridge (HIP4081C for example, which has charge pump), some do 3-phase bridge (HIP4086,
FAN7888, FAN7388), but I've never used a Texas instruments chip myself - there are a lot of International Rectifier
and Fairchild parts.