Mosfet on uno and nano

Hi I'm after some advice, I have an arduino uno using a mosfet to control the brightness of some 4w led bulbs, everything seems to work using the mosfet that came in my kit IRF520, I then purchase some of these from Farnell 060N06N which again seemed to work fine with the uno.

So I then purchased some nano's to actually do he job I wanted.

The problem I have is this:-

The IRF520 works in the nano and the uno

the 060N06N only works with the uno??

Can someone tell me why this is?

Thanks in advance Rich

Look at the specs for the 060N06N. At 4v on gate, it is virtually off, at 5v it is ok and 6v it is close to full on.

The IRF520 is similar. So I don't know why one and not the other.

What you need is a true logic level MOFET, one that turns on fully at logic levels.