MOSFET, PC PSU Power Supply

I am currently researching the MOSFET on PC PSU. I need suggestions on the best way to get a MOSFET heated without detaching it from the PCB board. A brief on some of the experiment I have carried out is as follows:
Applying external load to the PC PSU output but the MOSFET doesn’t fail instead the transformer or capacitor or diode are damaged which means for a failure to occur on the MOSFET once need to apply the MOSFET to thermal stress.

I need suggestions please…

You could mount an isolated power resistor and thermistor on the heatsink that the MOSFET is attached to perhaps?

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Use a lower Vgs and it will get hotter. You can vary that voltage to control the temperature. You must place some type of load on the MOSFET such as a resistor. The solution would work but I cannot even take a SWAG as there are o details posted. It would guess you are trying to make an electronic load, you can look up online and find circuits for them.

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