mosfet recommendation

Hi all.

I’m looking for a couple N and P channel mosfet’s of the logic level variant. Question is; Which one? There are so many i’m lost. I’ve searched this forum and now know to look at Rds(on) resistance (at 5V gate) and Vgs(th) in addition to maximum current/voltages

What do i want to do with them?
pwm a 3-wire pc-fan (12 V. up to 0.5 A.) with my arduino mega.
I would like to experiment (play) with sourcing or sinking current to/from the fan to see how the tacho signal comes out of the fan in relation to the pwm pulses on a scope. Other than that there is a big forest blocking my sight on the trees so to speak.

So the question is:
What N and P channel logic level mosfets do you recommend?
I would like to order from RS if that helps. They sell an replacement oled screen i need.