found an interessting aproach for switching MOSFET's with 3v3 signals like the DUE has: 4xMOSFET for DigiX (and others) They are using a standard 74HCT gate as level shifter.

There is also a KiCad archive with a 4xMOSFET PCB in 2x2" size that can be connected to the DUE

BTW if you want to level shift back from 5V to 3.3V many (all?) of the 74LCX series
support 5V inputs.

[ Forgot to mention: for fast switching (ie PWM) a MOSFET driver chip is a better option than
74HCT series, much higher gate currents ]

yeah ... the PWM capability is indeed a valid point in this aproach. For my current projekt I'm only looking for a ON/OFF switching functionality ... and therefore it is good enough :slight_smile: