Most popular sensors and shields?

Hi Everyone,

I have a simple question.

What are the most popular/useful sensors and shields on the market for Arduino (mainly sensors)?

For sensors, I mean anything that receive an input from the environment, ie. Accelerometeres, compass, gas, light, barometric, etc
And for shields, just basically any shield for the arduino, ie. motor shield, lcd, XBee, etc
As for popular, it can come from your own viewpoint or the general market's view point.

For example, I currently have an accelerometer and digital compass, but in my opinion, the MPU6050 is most useful.

This is just a general market research question. I hope I posted in the right section, as I can't really find any other suitable section to post in.

Thank You

check the sensor list of any shop, they automatically adjust their assortment to popular and useful sensors :slight_smile:

For shields you may check which shows the top of the shield-ice-berg

ok great thank you

especially look for the out of stock and the ones with big stock (just filled up), they wont order 1000+ sensors if they didn't sell as sweet cake :wink: