most reliable ATX power supply?

I’m building a computer for a 24-hour, production application. My only priority is reliability; anything over 250W would be fine. I ONLY care about reliability and longevity. What would be a good PSU? I’ve had good luck with Seasonic, but are there special industrial power supplies out there?

industrial usually means they just added a heaver metal case and charged you more for it

I have been having a lot of good luck out of the brand “ULTRA”, they sound cheesey but they run good n cool, pretty quiet, and I have had one on for ~3 years nearly 24-7

  • a lifetime warranty

A good rule of thumb is the heavier a PSU the better quality it is, watch out for those lead lined ones though.

My personal favorite PSUs are from Antec. My own server runs on them and I haven’t had any issues with them.

yea I have one of those too in the bench machine, pretty good, I like my ultra’s better

but the thing is over 5 years old and one of the fans is completely shot, but yet still keeps on trucking, running just a little bit warmer than it used to, and its got a socket754 amd weighing it down + almost every card slot full 2 gigs of ram a 5.25 and 3.5 floppys cd rom and 2 drives in it, IE im not treating it with care and baby powder lol

I like the ultra better cause its cheaper, and has that lifetime warranty, so that is what usually goes in a machine from me nowdays

I don’t know what they are called, but most computers in a high reliability environment have a modular dual power supply, where if one fails the other one takes over, and the failed module can just be replaced without any downtime.