Most suitable type of battery for power


I am working on a robot project which involves an Arduino Uno, Adafruit Motor Shield and Annikken Andee bluetooth module. I will have to power all these 3 main components in order for the robot to move.

Recently, the DC motors will not work after i integrate them together and i am pretty sure that insufficient power is provided to the main components (Please correct me if i am wrong). I have tried using 6V and 9V AA battery as my source, but the DC motors just won’t work. Can anyone give me some advice on which battery source is the most suitable for this kind of simple project?

Thanks alot.

First of all you need to know the current requirements of your motor. If you don't know then measure it. Then you need to see if your setup works with a bench supply. Only then will you know if lack of power is your problem and what you need to supply.

Thank you for reply.

I have troubleshooted the problem and indeed the problem lies with the voltage level. The DC motor operates best at about 5V and 1A. What type of battery should i use to keep the voltage at roughly those sort of range? I would want battery which is long-term too, which will last for long.

calai: ...Adafruit Motor Shield...

Which one. Leo..

Wawa: Which one. Leo..

Version 1

That discontinued V1.2 shield uses inefficient L293D chips that "loose" about 2.6volt@1Amp. The motor will only get 5volt if the supply is a minimum of ~7.5volt. If you would use rechargeable NiMh AA batteries (~1.25volt each), then you would need six in series. Two rechargeable (18650) LiPo batteries is also ~7.5volt. Leo..