Most versatile I2C library

Hi folks, I´m new around here and got a few questions about I2C libraries displays using I2C adapters.

For a project a buddy and me started to code with Arduino IDE, we are using I2C to communicate with a battery managment device and want to display the data with an HD 447.. device connected to an I2C adapter. Later on we might use the arduino itself not only as master, but as slave aswell to communicate with another arduino.

I´ve read a lot about the Wire class and it seem´s its not only I/O blocking, it hangs itself sometimes on disconnection or manipulating signal lines with a screw driver. As far as i have read the problems occur because of a non existing timeout for some while loops inside the class, but my knowledge is not that good right now to figure out a versatile solution. I want a wire library which can detect disconnection of the bus and regain a connection after (tried setting TWCR to 0 each loop and then a wire.begin, still caused freezes sometimes), plus some more methods in order to be able to broadcast, use 8 bit adressing (maybe ill add an EEP via I2C) and calling start/stop conditions.

I found some neat libraries to communicate with lcds via i2c but as far as i have looked up they base on the wire class aswell, so anybody knows a lib which can help me with my problems ?

Would you prefer using the twi hardware module or searching for a software solution ?

I hope i made this understandable for others, thank you in advance !