Most Wanted Shield

If you could have a shield for the Arduino that added any function, what would it be?

A money shield, have the AVR supply a PWM signal to it and it turns out $100 bills. :wink: Must be open sourced of course.


Hey, money shield already exists… it is called the Federal Reserve. I am not sure if they use an Arduino, though… but I am sure it is not open sourced!

Weather Shield

Humidity, Temperature, Pressure plus Analog Inputs.

Telephone interface with DTMF generation/detection

Telephone interface with DTMF generation/detection

not exactly a shield, but discarded modems work well for handling this.

Telephone interface with DTMF generation/detection

Not exactly what you want, but close enough?

My ideas:

USB Shield

Screw Terminal Shield [all pinouts as screw terminals]

Physics Shield

  • LCD for information
  • Speed of sound measurement microphones
  • Gravity measurement tool
  • Color blending
  • Force measurement tool
  • Temperature measurement tool
  • Circuit tester [true false]
  • Sinewave generator

Actually I might make a physics shield myself :slight_smile:

A multi-channel UART shield.

Incorporate a dedicated multi-channel hardware UART that could be accessible via I2C, SPI or serial shift. Just for fun, throw on a few MAX232’s for optional RS232 level connections.

Screw Terminal Shield [all pinouts as screw terminals]

Here’s one:

Screw Terminal Shield [all pinouts as screw terminals]

Here is another one…

Let me tell you my experience… usually if you want to be successful with a shield, it needs to be very plain and simple. Sophisticated shields are for sophisticated users, that usually prefer to build them themselves anyways… so they don’t buy sophisticated shields.

Here’s one:

25 bucks for a piece of PCB with some terminal blocks ??? Does it include an Arduino Pro board that was not pictured ;)??? Wow…

Well, my personal two shields that i would like to see realised are

  1. DiveShield
    This is more or less a complete solution so rather unlikely to ever come into existence if i dont do it myself ;0)
    It would have:
  • LCD or graphical Display
  • Real time clock
  • temperatur sensor
  • pressure sensor
  • some sort of memory
  • compass module
  1. A Microscopemotordriver
    Basically this is just a system to drive 3 stepper motors and control some JPEG camera… thats quite easy though… hmmmmm

What’s wrong with having multiple shields stacked up?
I see the display shield as independent from the others. RTC + eeprom + other I2C stuff can go on the second shield. And then, pressure, compass, temp and other gizmos on yet another shield.

One thing I don’t understand is why the temperature sensor should be on the board. Doesn’t the reading get affected by the heat dissipated by the surrounding components, especially when in an enclosure?

I guess one can ignore the heat effects of the components - remember, everything should run on maximum 5V in a cold environment. Also the Closure wouldnt be too thick or something, i would rather go with a enclosure that is as thin as possible but filled with some oily liquid (like the ‘real’ dive computers)…
But about the stacking - good point…