Moteino Arduino

I am not sure whether I am in the right position…


My Moteino boards have arrived.

Moteino is a combination of the ATMEGA328P the RFM69 radio module. The project is open source and is of Felix - Lowpowerlab provided.

My challenge - I wanted the project from scratch reverse engineering.
In addition I have the Eagle drawings used by Felix. The Gerber files I created with Eagle from the Brd file and uploaded to Pcbway. Pcbway is a cheaper, faster supplier of printed circuit boards and has proven to be very reliable.


After the boards have arrived I first performed the assembly. And I’ve found that I do not have a 16MHz resonator in stock. As a result, an intermediate project has opened - Bootloader compiled for Arduino.

The pre-boot loader was designed for 16MHz, I now had to create a boot loader uses the internal oscillator of ATMEGA328P. As can be read and what there is here - Arduino bootloader.


After you install the bootloader I test, a “Hello World can spend” over the serial monitor. The issue I have checked whether the Atmega are at all a sign of life and whether the Moteino of the Arduino IDE is controllable.

Meanwhile, the ceramic resonator has arrived and on the board refitted. In addition, I have received the RFM69 of Pollin and soldered on the board. In the next post, there is my report on a simple data transmission node → Gateway.

This is a great project. Could you tell the components you used? Or share the gerber file with us?