Moteino with DHT11: no luck

I am using a standard Moteino, with radio and flash included, and also am using hardware interrupt 1, and a pin change interrupt on pin 5. In addition, I have timer 2 serving as a 2 KHz clock, and nowhere am I using the delay function.

But when I hook up a DHT11 to any digital or analog pin, I either get no return values, or funny numbers. If I clear all interrupts before reading it, I get 0's, meaning I didn't gat a response. If I leave interrupts intact, I get bogus numbers, that may vary a little.

The DHT11 has been tested, and it is definitely good. I am not using any of the Moteino pins that are normally devoted to radio or flash functions. Thanks in advance for any insights on this odd situation.

don’t know the monteino but can you post the code used (+ link to library)

you might try my library - Arduino/libraries/DHTstable at master · RobTillaart/Arduino · GitHub

but interrupts can “kill” the timing of DHT library during the communication so no guarantees…

I've solved this problem, or rather, Tom Studwell did, with a library called DHT-tws. On the Moteino, for reasons unknown (at least to me), the DHT11 just won't work using the most common DHT library.

Another feature to keep in mind is that the Moteino is a 3.3 v. device, so it is best to power the DHT11 with 3.3 v. Studwell's library actually calls for a pin of the Moteino to be activated to power the DHT11 when a read is desired, so that takes care of the 3.3 v. problem.

Finally, the DHT11 should not be read more than once every 2 seconds.