Motion activated MP3 trigger using PIR ,UNO MP3 Trigger

Hi everyone,this is my first time using Arduino and I have no experince in C programming,my project is using a PIR sensor to detect motion and send a signal to arduino UNO which will then send a signals to the MP3 Trigger which will then play couple of songs. Those any1 have any codes I can use??urgent help required

urgent help required

When is our homework due?

4-5 weeks!is it enough time?

is it enough time?

Depends on how adept you prove to be writing code. Reading a PIR isn't difficult. Triggering an MP3, with the appropriate shield, is easy. Without a shield, it's plain impossible.

Borrowing someone else's code is not going to do you any good, unless it is for the SAME hardware you have, arranged the same way. The odds of that happening are pretty slim.

Even if if did, what would you have learned? Why are you taking this class, if it isn't to learn?

I'll take your money XD

Seriously though like Paul said. Why not learn how to do it.

I mean what use are you going to be to an employer designing stuff if all you ever do is buy the design from someone else. They could do that themselves and cut out the middle man.

For the Audio use one of these VS1000 Audio Module only $20 and the cost of an uSD card and all programmable using serial commands through the serial port with a nice 5v power rail and TTL level UART

Cheers Pete.

I'm not studying C programming at all in my modules,but I joined a group for my engineering fair project which seemed relatively easy till we go to the programming part,I have the codes for the PIR to the UNO,it's just the audio part that stumps me,can I use this instead of the MP3 trigger

can I use this instead of the MP3 trigger

Yes. There is even sample code to go with it,