Motion Cycle Project

I am brand new to Arduino and elecronics. I have read many posts and watched many videos over the past few days to make myself believe that I am ready to get my feet wet, or jump off the cliff rather as you can see from what I would like to tackle for my first project.

What I would like to do is have a button that starts the program, the program would start a stepper motor cw moving a carriage until it hits a limit switch, then delay 5sec and reverse ccw until it moves the carriage 12".

I am thinking this would be possible but am not fully sure. I am thinking that in order to make this work I would need an Arduino UNO, a SainSmart TB6560 - 3.5a Stepper Motor Driver, Stepper Motor - BiPolor Nema 17 2a 84ozin, DC 24v Switching Power Supply, Breadboard for testing, pack of jumper wires, 12v button, and normally open switch.

Would anyone be able to tell me if I am on the right track? Do I need resistors? If so, is there a good starter kit that would include most common electrical components used in arduino projects?

I look forward to any help. Let me know if I am in the wrong area for such a newbie...


Or should I be starting with some type of Arduino Learning kit? If so, what is a good one?

I typically pick things up quicker working on projects that work toward something that I would use rather than something that just lights an led, however maybe that is the best way to start.

Any insight would be appreciated.


Forum members strongly urge beginners to start with just an Arduino and a few simple parts, to learn the C/C++ programming language and become familiar with Arduino extensions.

For example, there are some very important special tricks to controlling equipment that you learn about by studying simple examples like "blink without delay", reading and debouncing pushbuttons, etc.

For an introduction to stepping motors, get a dirt cheap 28BYJ-48 stepper and driver board from eBay and learn to control it. There are lots of tutorials on line.

Making a stepper-driven linear carriage will be expensive and requires some mechanical and electrical engineering skills, as you need to estimate the torque and power requirements.

Thanks for the advice jremington. I ended up ordering the starter kit from arduino as a starting point, hopefully it was a good move.