Motion detection Video surveillance


So i was thinking of making a motion detection video surveillance. I have an old Black berry was hoping to rip it apart and find away to interface the camera with the Atmega. I haven't ripped apart the phone just yet but when i do i should be able to find datasheet on the camera so I can see how it function hoping the camera has a built it video processor if not I could probably kiss this project good bye.

Anyway point was to detect motion using the camera record until motion stop. It will store it on a USB or sd card i will us a shield it will then relay the info over wifi or Ethernet to a buffalo hard drive i have setup or maybe file server I have. I might use the file server instead.

Let me know what you think. I honestly don't think the Ardunio can do this if not i'll probably move to another chip.

Pucker up those lips.

Someone did a motion detector by looking at the size of file produced but that was with a camera that produced Jpeg files.

just to consider:

I bought a Dericam which works quite well -,90432.0.html -

similar webcams can be found for less than 100 $ (check groupon)

not the same as making one but it has 2 IO lines to integrate with an Arduino. And you could have an Arduino connect to it through the web interface (not tried).

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