motion detection with sms project

hi to everyone

i'm a new user of arduino and looking for some help. we have a project about using a surveillance camera. the camera at around 6:00 am to 5:59pm the camera will just record the video in the DVR then 5:59pm the motion detection been activated. if there was a motion been detected the motion sensor will be activated then the camera will be focusing on the area then it will take some snapshots then it will send sms to the police station or to the owner.we are planning to use servo motor to hold the camera and as the motion sensor we might use PIR and make some circuit about the motion detection can anyone help us to finish this project.

can anyone help us to finish this project

Well, to help you finish, we need to know what you've done so far. Post your code, show your schematics.

the DVR

You need to tell us what the interface to this device is.