Motion graphic and arduino?

Hi guys, im looking to build an installation that would require a physical input to add video effects to an image. For exemple, turning a knob to rotate an image in live mode. I want several effects like these like zooming in, focusing, noise, etc..

These effects should all be controlled by different dials and simultaneously. Im guessing i could use arduino to build that but im not sure if i would need another software to deal with the graphics, maybe something like pure data?

Thx alot!

An Arduino may be useful as the interface to the control desk. It can handle lots of knobs and buttons. It won't do the video.

I suspect you need a PC (laptop) with video editing software to do this. Find some software that will take multiple inputs from joysticks or whatever and then program the Arduino to act as (many) joysticks. You would need a Micro, Due or Teensy Arduino for this.