Motion Sensor - Output X & Y Coordinates

Does anyone know where I could buy a cheap motion sensor which outputs x & y coordinates of the object in motion?

What I am looking for is similar the to modules found on a ps2 optical [u]mouse[/u], but I need one that reads out a little further . . . say up to 1-1/2 inches or so.

I have searched the internet a little, but I have not done well sofar.

Thanks for any help or ideas you may have.


I have hacked several mice and have successfully been using the optical sensor which works well.

But, I would like to be able to just buy the sensor and perhaps one that can sense out up to 1-1/2 inches or so.

So, I wanted to check with all of you to see if something doesn't already exist on popular electronic web sites one may recommend. I looked on DigiKey and some other ones and haven't found one, but it sure seems like there may already be a sensor like this out there.

Thanks for the help., calibrated. ~$60.

Characteristic Value Update Rate 60 samples/second

Measurement Range (XYZ Axis) ±3G (29.4 m/s2) Bandwidth (XYZ Axis) 30Hz

Axis 0 Noise Level (X Axis) 1.9mG Standard Deviation ([ch963]) Axis 1 Noise Level (Y Axis) 1.9mG Standard Deviation ([ch963]) Axis 2 Noise Level (Z Axis) 2.9mG Standard Deviation ([ch963])

Device Quiescent Current Consumption 20mA Device Active Current Consumption 20mA max

The accelerometer on Phidgets looks really cool and is not too expensive. But, for my application the sensor will be stationary and measuring obects as they pass by. I think the accelerometer uses gravitational movements. of the sensor itself, right?

I will look into more hack stuff as Richard says and also keep searching for a product to buy.

Thanks, guys.

If the sensor is stationary you must have a distance sensor I think but there are many more on the playground