Motion sensor-palooza

I am new to arduino but not to programming and had an idea and wondered if it were feasible. The idea is simple. Lots of motion sensor "nodes" that connect ideally wirelessly with a master node. All that happens is when there is motion in the motion sensor nodes, that fact is sent to the master node, which logs all the motion centrally to be consumed by another application or read. Also, ideally each sensor node would send a message to the master just telling it it's alive.

The questions i have are:

  • Given that the motion sensor nodes are a lot (would love ~20), could they be made cheaply? I see motion sensors can be pretty cheap on amazon getting a 10 pack for ~$15. Also, radio transmitter seem the way to go for cheap wireless communication. Also, ideally the sensor nodes are battery operated.

Is this a feasible idea?

Such systems are sold commercially as burglar alarms.

Interesting thought and made me want to see if burglar alarms are indeed used for this purpose but couldn't find anything. I'm looking to detect mice not people :slight_smile:

Did find this though:

Googling "wireless burglar alarm motion sensor" turns up over 5 million hits.