Motion sensor to trigger sounds

I am new to Arduino. And need some help getting started please.

Can anyone suggest what equipment/parts I would need to use for a motion sensor to trigger multiple sound files randomly, when people walk past it.

And can anyone point me in the right direction for codes to help beginners, please.

I feel like this is possible. But I want to invest in the right equipment/parts to get started.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you.

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There are lots of examples on this web site and in the Arduino IDE.
You could start here: Introductory Tutorials - Arduino Forum

There is no sensor doing all that. Motion detection can be done using ultra sonic or IR sensing devices.
Triggering sound files (?) is likely a subject for a controller.

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The motion sensor is the easy part.
Just like a switch.

No activity no movement no swithing.

Look for ' arduino sounds'
[You will find an SD player]

You can have bunches of sound files.

Switch changes state.
Arduino sees the state change.
Generates random number.
Audio player plays file[random number]

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You missed out on this one!

Senses motion in just about any direction!

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and is capable of the logic and I/O requested by OP?

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Assuning the idea is that when a person walks by the device, it senses the movement and the plays random music

?? It did not read to me that the OP was looking for a single device, but some help on what equipment/ parts to buy and how to put them together.

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Thank you everyone this has all been really helpful, as I am new and eager to learn.

Would anyone know what the gadget is on the pink plastic. It looks like a camera to sense movement. I think this set up may help me to do what I aim to do.

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Sorry if I have confused everyone. I do not know the language around what I am doing or asking for. I want a sensor to trigger multiple sound files the closer the get towards the sensor.

Thank you all for being so helpful.

That is certainly not the same as

So you are saying you want it to detect how far away people are? Such rangefinders only work in one direction, so "people walking past" is now a bit of an ask. :worried:

Ultrasonic sensors are cheap and work well
They can detect distance.

By the way. There are forums in other languages

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