Motion sensor triggered sound module

Hi there,

Let me preface this by saying I am a total newbie to arduino projects but I am a quick learner and what I have been reading makes me very interested.

I have a project in mind that I need some advice with. Simply put I need something as part of a a festival installation that will play a pre recorded sound file when motion triggered outdoors.

There seems to be several projects on instructables that use a PIR sensor to trigger a piezo such as this one here

The difference in my idea is I want it to trigger a recordable sound module such as this unit

Perhaps I don't understand them enough but from what I have read the PIR sensors seem to be used more to detect motion in a room so I'm not sure how well the PIR sensors work outside in challenging environments (dusty with temperature fluctuations) or if I should go with an ultrasonic sensor ?

If anyone is able to offer any advice or point me to some reading or projects that may help I would be most appreciative.

Any help would be fantastic.

That sounds fairly straightforward.

Outdoor motion-sensor lights work, so as long as the distance isn’t too great I think you’ll be OK.

You will need some sort of sound module, and probably an amplifier and bigger speakers. (Arduino audio shields almost always require an amplifier.)

The specs on the board you linked to are rather “thin” and you’d have to figure-out how to trigger it with the Arduino. You can replace a switch with a relay, or you can probably just connect the board to an Arduino I/O pin, but that will take some experimentation and “hacking”. From what I could find out about the chip on that board, it holds about 10 seconds of “telephone quality” audio.

The “normal way” to play audio with the Arduino is to use an MP3/audio shield designed for the Arduino.

It’s also not clear to me if you can record electronically (such as directly from the soundcard), or if that board only records acoustically from the microphone.

Take it one step at a time… There’s a button example where you push a button to light an LED. You can replace the switch/button with the PIR sensor to setup/test/debug the motion sensor. before adding the audio stuff.

You should also be able to find examples for playing sounds from an MP3/WAV using an audio shield. Again, you can test & debug with a button/switch before attaching the PIR sensor.

PIR motion sensor is fine outdoors if the ambient temperature is not higher than 36 degrees C, otherwise it works not stable. Ultrasonic sensor is not advised for such a project even though it is more stable to work outdoors, as it has a very big power consumption unless you use an external power source.

You might consider a light sensor(LDR) for your project, for it is not effected by temperature and humidity fluctuations. Here is very good item with a light sensor used for POP displays. Pls check the link below.