Motion sensor

So, I wanted to use a motion sensor and a really module to switch off the lamp once someone walks away after 5 minutes (I think that’s the maximum for the sensor module) to do that which mode do I use? NOn repeatable or the other mode?

You mean a relay module.
Post a link to the sensor you have purchased. The re-triggerable mode is more likely the one you want unless you are programming the minimum on-time yourself using an Arduino (or equivalent).
If your sensor is fully adjustable, you may not require an Arduino at all for this project.

Do you have a link to the sensor specs?

Is this an Arduino project?

I assume you want it repeatable. You want it to keep sending "motion"... "motion"... "motion"... "motion"... signals until nobody is there. Then 5 minutes after you stop detecting motion, turn the light off (timed with the Arduino).

(I think that's the maximum for the sensor module)

And, I assume that's the non-repeatable time... It won't re-trigger for 5 minutes (after it's first triggered) but it will re-trigger if it detects motion again a half-hour later.

...The motion sensors for my alarm system simply "turn on" whenever they detect motion and "turn-off" when the motion stops.

...My [u]X-10 motion sensor[/u] sends on "on" message (to the X-10 receiver) when it detects motion then an off signal after a pre-programmed delay (after the motion is no longer detected).

This is my module:ÅMÅZÕÑ&qid=1518277462&sr=8-3&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=pir+sensor&dpPl=1&dpID=510pLP3BNoL&ref=plSrch

It’s not an arduino project, I first wanted it to be an arduino project, but then I realized I just needed a relay module and that the sensor already has a timer from 0.3 seconds to about 5 minutes.
I’ll try repeatable and see thanks.