motion sensors with programmable distance?

hi there,

pretty new to all this programming stuff for hardware. i know some c++ and things, but im having trouble finding the right components for things..

i was wondering if there is a type of motion sensor that can sense the distance you are from it. so you could apply that to say a parameter on pure data or max or something?

any help would be great



Ultrasonic range finders are popular for that kind of application. Here is just one typical device:


It's hard to make suggestions without knowing more about what you want to do. Does it require really precise (say, within an inch) measurements? Is it okay for the person to wear or hold something the sensor can track?

Give us some hints, and maybe we can give you some good suggestions.



thanks for replying.

thats range finder sound like it'll do the job, its just finding which one...

yeah sorry, i should have been more specific.

its to control about 2 parameters of a synthesiser on pure data. pitch and lfo speed. it will be a controlled by people entering a room and will change according to where they are in the room. horizontally and vertically.

the room with be small. probs about 4-5 sqaure meters at the most, but probably less.

are the range finders easy to use with arduino?

thanks again for your help