Motion tracking project (arduino?)

Hello everyone,

I'm studying architecture and we are set to design an interactive pavillion this semester using various tools (arduino preferably).

We first made an animation using 3dsmax etc to explain a number of black and white graphics which later lead on to exploring space in various forms.

I want to have a part of the pavillion interactive where a camera would track peoples movement and that it would be projected very pixelated and in black and white on a wall in real time. Visitors would create a graphic space depending on how they move and act.

The diagram is trying to explain how the camera would track people.

And my question is: would this be possible to do? I thought of using the wii motion camera somehow but wanted to ask for tips here first.

Maybe it would be processing and not arduino. Thanks :)



Screenshot from film

The collection of data from the camera and processing it to define the image to project is so far outside the Arduino's capabilities as to not even be in the same league.

How are you envisioning projecting this image?


Ok, I kind of figured that the arduino is not powerful enough.

I’m not 100% sure yet but would it be possible to project in real time (obviously slight delay) using a projector?

I’ll quickly draw something to explain instead…

Got a tips to use this:

I have some papers on image recognition software and ways it was achieved. Infact, I found a cracking website a chap did for a project, I think it was using Matlab. I'll see if I can dig it up.

It's quite processor heavy, and I think you'd be pushed to find any micro controller capable of doing it. Most of these programs are run off a computer.

The best bet would probably to have a laptop on site for all the computing. Assuming you chose to use one, you could also use an internal/external webcam instead of the wii camera. Using a laptop with an internal webcam could save space and effort (or maybe not?), but unless you already had one with the webcam inside, it could end up VERY expensive.

Been looking on ebay. A cheap(ish) laptop is shown: