Motion Tracking USB Camera

My wife had this old game Your Shape by Ubisoft that came with a motion tracking usb camera with microphone, I am just wondering if there would be anyway to interface with the motion tracking and arduino to trigger recording on the computer when motion is detected and stop recording if motion hasn't been detected for # of seconds ... The camera is Ubisoft USB Camera WD19 ... the game now sells at dollarama for like $2 so if I can interface with them I may get more... I appreciate any help that I get from anyone.. Thank you.

You are going to use the PC to record the video anyway (the Arduino certainly cannot), so what you want is motion tracking software on the PC - of which there are various.

The Arduino doesn't come into it.

trigger recording on the computer when motion is detected and stop recording if motion hasn't been detected for # of seconds ...

There is a wide choice of PC freeware to do exactly that. It's easy to get features such as restricting which part of the field of view motion detection is applied to, the threshold for movement, times of the day when this operates, and other actions such as notifying you that motion has been detected or launching another application.

As Paul__B says, none of this involves Arduino.

By the way, what you're describing is usually called motion detection rather than motion tracking.

yeh thats what I had figured and after taking the camera apart I see there is nothing special .... I was planning on using the arduino anyway for pan/tilt controls and yes I would like to have motion tracking as well as detection. I apologize for not being detailed enough and not thinking it through all the way first. I was also thinking of just using it to snap pictures every second or so while still trying to follow the subject and have the photos save to an sd card .... anyway I will figure it out... thanks for your help but like the enc28j60 I will just try to figure it all out.. Thanks

Motion tracking can be very difficult to achieve unless you're after something simple that you can achieve using an off-the-shelf solution. (You can get webcam face tracking software, for example.)

The motion detection/tracking part would need to be done on the PC and this would also be the sensible place to save your captured images. If you need to steer the webcam then the easiest way to achieve that would be by using a webcam which provides pan/tilt support. They're quite cheaply available these days. If you need to use a camera which doesn't provide that then you could build a mechanism to pan/tilt it using servos or similar, and use the Arduino to drive that under the control of commands from your motion-tracking application on the PC. In this case the Arduino is just acting as an interface between the serial port in the PC, and the servos - it isn't directly involved in capturing or storing images.