Motion triggered projection


I'm new to this stuff and trying desperately to find a solution to something I would like to make for my uni project. The idea is to activate projection on to a wall based on movement detected on the floor just infront of the wall.

I have time to make a proto-type first but am not sure how to approach this. Ideas so far have been to use force sensitive flooring made with many sensors under the flooring. But I need it to be able to trigger multiple times not just once, in case more than one person walks onto the flooring. I've seen a few pressure senstive mats for sale but these have a switch circuit and so it seems that it can only really work for one activation.

I've also briefly read something about a matrix array sensor which sounds like it might work but I'm not sure if its too small. Is anyone familiar with this sensor or used something similar?

Also I've heard about video-tracking? is this compatible with arduino? Does anyone know how easy/hard it would be to use this instead?

Ideally I want to avoid having to set up a computer in the space - can anyone think of an ideal set-up for this design that won't be too hard for a newbie?

Any suggestions appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile:

How about a passive IR detector (as used in intruder alarms) - if you restrict its field of view it ought to work (if not I'd worry if it was fit for the original purpose!) - perhaps a cheap commercial unit could be interfaced.

Do you need to detect multiple persons at the same time, or just one at a time, like a person passing a point,and then a little later another person passing the same point?

There's a huge difference in complexity.

Thanks for your responses.

How easy is it to restrict the field of view with the IR detectors? Would these be able to communcate through the arduino simultaneously?

And yes I need to be able to detect multiple people at the same time at least standing on the designated area. Their movement wouldn't have to be followed (although that would be really cool) but at least their new position if they are standing still on the floor. so if they were moving around something would only be activated when they stopped near/on/beneath the sensor/detector?

I was thinking if linked to processing then a simple circle would appear on the screen (for example) each time another person stepped on the floor. Whatever is easiest really. the projection isn't the hard part at the moment, but the set-up of the hardware is :expressionless:

I really hope this makes sense. Thanks again.