Hello, I wonder whether you could give me a hint. I am looking for a sensitive device which could imitate the motion of a tree in a wind. I would like to control at least 4 branches of a tree with something. I thought about servo motors but they may for only in two directions. Is there something for a reasonable price, small, and easy to control with the Arduino?

ANy help appreciated.

best Krisztian

Have a search for servo pan and tilt heads. Mechanically connecting two servos together may give you the motion you are looking for. Not sure how big your branches are but you will be best off with servos that have high torque but low speed. Can you say more about the physical aspects of the 'tree'

hi, first I am just planning to have a tree which is around 50cm high and same in diameter. If everything works out, later a bigger on..

the branches would not be heavy, less than 200g for the start.

the servos would be placed in the top stem of the tree.

the whole project should be connected with climate change, so I will give me best to use recycled material, and if possible a battery which is powered by solar panels.

thank you for the previous post, any more ideas appreciated.

ps.: the whole tree would be controlled by life neuro feedback messages from the computer.


Have you thought about just blowing it with a fan?

One idea that comes to mind is to make the trunk hollow, attach a rod or wire to the inside top, and pull on it from underneath. If you attach the other end to a servo arm, the rotation will automatically pull the wire so it becomes diagonal, and tend to bend the trunk to one side.


Ran, yes, I think the Fan is good idea, I might have them under the branches of the tree (maybe 4) and then they could blow the leaves on the tree like if it was Monroe's skirt :)

best K

I was thinking about how you might build the trunk so it would bend realistically, and not look so much like a miniature from a 1940s movie with a small special-effects budget.

And I thought of an approach that ties rather nicely to your Marilyn reference: sex toys ;D

There are a couple of materials they use that might be the right compromise between flexibility and, um, stiffness for your trunk. Hollowing one out could be a challenge, though. Maybe a large auger-type wood-boring bit (like this one)?


Yes, I guess it would definitely look more realistic! I think I will need some fishing line to tie the ends of the branches to the 3-4 servos in the trunk.

For this I will only need simple servos instead of the pan tilt headed ones.

Which fan would be the one for the prototype. 5V and adjustable speed. Are the CPU fans the best I could go for with the Arduino?

All the best K