Moto-Shiftbrite motorcycle accent light project

accent light project on my bike. Random colors until the turn signal is activated then the lights on the correct side flash with the turn signal.

here is a video. warning it is loud. I had to run the bike at a high idle becuase a: there is too much alternator noise causing flickering at idle, and its an old bike... it keeps stalling unless it has been warmed up.

it looks better in person, my little hand held cam doesn't get the exposure right.

parts list 10 shiftbrite modules from macetech 1 arduweeny from solorbotics 2 opto-isolators NTE3042 1 voltage regulator from pololu

this is the first version, so there is a definite to-do list. 1:the shiftbrites are running at 5v. need to add second regulator to bring them up to about 6-7v (recomended 5.5-9v) 2: lots of noise from the alternator and ignition system at idle, causing the lights to flicker and change colors. need a filter. 3: better color patterns. right now its just random. 4: better mounting postitions. the ones in the engine area don't light up enough, need to move them/fabricate a mount.

code, wireing and pictures to follow.