Motor advice

For making an electric go kart, are these good motors?

I'm hoping to make this thing mildly quick but not horribly expensive.

As for how big of a motor You need, that will depend on 1 how much the kart + driver weighs, 2 how fast do you want to go 3 how quick do you want to go.

I would suggest looking at discount hardware stores, You can buy whole drills for <25 and You get the batteries and charger for it. Even if You have to double up the motors (or triple) You will still be cheaper than buying a stand alone motor.

my 2cents.

A Google search like below might be useful for finding parts.

Im thinking 20 mph ideally as a benchmark. and it could be quick so the wheels spin :smiley: its on gravel so that doesn't take much :stuck_out_tongue: suggestions? and its carrying about 220 pounds