Motor and motion based project

I am looking for some kind of robotic arm or primitive 3D positioning system that would be controlled by MCU to position different things like solar panel, camera, dish antenna etc.

Anyone can recommend something inexpensive?

[sarcasm]Could you maybe be a little more vague about the requirements? [/sarcasm]

Google robot arm for arduino and see what you get. That's about all I can recommend from what little detail you give.

Very pricey... I am thinking to go to car junkyard and get some small motor parts like ones for mirror and door

Well I guess "some small motor parts" is the proper description of the components for "some kind of robotic arm"

Getting help on the Forum is only successful when we (who don't know you) are given a detailed description of what you are trying to do and how you are thinking of implementing it. And detailed usually means numbers.