Motor Control Im Stuck...

Hi there,

It has been a while even my login on arduino forum was gone :S but i need some help from you guys im stuck with my motor control for my remote control underwater robot. I Use 8x a N-Ch (200w) mosfet for controling the motor (24v 6A 120W) Controled by Arduino (I luv this chip).

If i conect 12v and say i give the max current of 0.400A and i pullup the Gates HIGH the output out of the mosfets is 0.40 volts and the current that its is using then is around the 0.200A and i used a volt meter to test the output so somthing is using a amount of mA. :-S and im burning my transistors out. I dont know what to do. Im lost :frowning: Please help?

Im using a Atmege168-20PU in this project (Several)
The Setup is a N-Channel H Bridge.
Mosfets i use: IRFS31N20DTRL (Also tried with the IRF730 same result)

I Hope you can tell me what im doing wrong?!


The Netherlands