Motor Control PCB V1.2 Caps Question

I am just learning the basics in electronics and have built a working Arduino. I am now building the DC motor control V1.2 by D. Cuartielles. I have everything done, but I cannot figure out the 4 capacitors listed as c10-c13 on the board and C5/5.5 WIMA in the eagle drawings. 1. How do you determine the capacitor type and value from this type of drawing? 2. How would I search for it in, say, Jameco's site? 3. Are there other manufacturers besides WIMA with equivalent?

Thanks for the help - I'm just trying to learn!

Oh, and while I'm at it, what size/type of pin ends are used to connect to the ends of wires for plugging into the female pinheads on the boards? For instance, if I have a motor with stranded wires, what pins do I get to connect it to the motor header on the board?

Thanks again! :-?

I don't know if it applies for PCB V1.2, but with PCB V1.1, the 4 caps are 0.1uF ceramic caps.

Thanks, that helps a lot.

I am trying to learn to read these Eagle drawings better. Why do they call it a C5/5.5, and how would somebody know it was a .1uf ceramic capacitor? Is there a chart out there somewhere?