Motor control with 24v system

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I have a system in place (see the wiring diagram link below) that I need to control the action of the motor with the aurduino uno.

Goal of the project: For the user to push an external button, walk away, and the motor will run until one of micro switch 1 is tripped, wait 30 seconds, then reverse the engine and run in reverse until microswitch 2 is closed. At that point, the system should wait for another press of the button to being another cycle.

Wiring diagram: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Here is the product that I'll be modify

Here is the micro switch info if that helps:

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The logic seems easy enough. However, you will need to understand how the manual controls work in electrical terms and find a way to control them externally. That part, only you can do.

Hi, you could use ardbox from it is working in 24vcc.