motor control

i want to raise and lower a shelf using a motor with a toothed head on it. and the shelf thats connected to plastic toothed cord. i want to be able to press a button and the motor run clockwise until the shelf is 90 degrees to the wall then the motor stop then the next time i press the button it raise the shelf back up and the the motor stop again. i want to know if i would be able to do the with a arduino, and if so if there a easyer way then mine and if there isnt do you know of a way i could do this some other way:)


It may be that an Arduino is overkill for this - you may be able to do it all with a few switches.

How heavy is the object to be raised and lowered, and how fast does it have to move?

i know i could just use a simple switch but im kinda looking for a bit of wow factor :D a bit of automation haha thanks

Unless you have a load of arduino controlled flashing lights, it's going to end up looking the same either way.