motor controller pwm pin instruction help

Hey there,
so I have this dual motor controller I got off Ebay, and i have already burned and resoldered it twice XD. I think i am misinterpreting the instructions. Can someone please help explain to me which pins I should use and fundamentally what to program on them? I'd like full speed control on both motors. Here are the provided instructions:

(they are about halfway down the page)


I can only see pictures, no description of how to use it.

From the pictures, I guess it works like this:

On the pin headers, you have inputs IN1_L, IN2_L, IN3_R, IN4_R, EN_L, EN_R, 5V, GND.

Connect 5V and GND to the Arduino 5V and GND. These supply power to the logic components on the board.

IN1_L, IN2_L and EN_L control the left motor. Set IN1_L high and IN2_L low to operate the motor in one direction - reverse them to operate in the other direction. The motor will be powered when EN_L is high. You can just set if HIGH for full power in the selected direction, or apply PWM to vary the power. Even if you don’t expect to use PWM right now, I suggest you connect the EN_L and EN_R pins to PWM-capable pins on the Arduino so that you have the option available to you in future.

The output pins are OUT1, OUT2, GND, VCC, OUT3, OUT4.

OUT1 and OUT2 are the two outputs to the left motor. GND and VCC should be connected to the power supply for the motor, which typically won’t be the same one powering the Arduino. OUt3 and OUT4 are the outputs to the right motor.

I don’t know whether the logic level grounds are internally connected to the power grounds. If not, I suggest you connect them externally. It may be necessary, and if it isn’t necessary it won’t do any harm.

GND and VCC should be connected to the power supply for the motor, which typically won't should never 8) be the same one powering the Arduino.

.... but yep that's the way it seems to me that it works.

That is a Premier League heatsink eh?