Motor controller selection

hello everyone im looking for a good motor controller to drive 4 of these it would be skid steer configuration so it would be two motors on either end. i have 3 choices im looking for something thats easy to interfce witharduino and will be worth the money two of these

two of these

one of this:

im more interested in the second option as it is easy to connect, only requiring 2 cables to control the motor. what are your thoughts?

I would go with the first option; it's the least expensive and already has a heatsink attached (the other two WILL need a heatsink). The BTS7960 is a good chip and the datasheet is available for any of the nitty-gritty documentation you need. Also, aside from power, each motor only requires two pins on the arduino to control forward/reverse and speed. The *_IS pins are for current measurement and not required for operation ... but hey, current measurement if you want it.

The first option will only drive ONE motor (the BTS7960 is a half bridge, not a full bridge), so you would need 4 of them if you want to control all 4 motors independently.

The second looks like a double H-bridge made mostly with discrete components, with very little detail provided. I would be worried that it doesn't implement switching delays to avoid shoot-through, and I would be very wary of the 45A rating, which might be just a theoretical rating assuming each of the 8 mosfets has an infinite heat sink.

The third option is also a double H-bridge, so again you would need 2 of them to control 4 motors. It looks like it is using proper H-bridge control ICs. However, attaching a heatsink will be difficult, so again I would question the 50A rating. They appear to be quoting Rds(on) for the mosfet as 0.003 ohms, which at 50A means that 2 of the mosfets are dissipating 7.5W each, even before you allow for extra power dissipation during switching. So heatsinks will definitely be needed at that current.

If you treat the third option as able to handle 13A continuous you’ll
probably be alright - 0.5W to each MOSFET. Brief 50A excursions would be
tolerated well.

The motors are nice and cheap but they don’t seem to have a continuous power
rating, but have an efficiency of 71% - if you run them at 12V and 13A I think
they would melt, so I’d be happy that the third option is able to drive two of
those motors within their capabilities without heatsinking.

(The peak efficiency current of 6.6A suggests 12A isn’t an unreasonable upper
limit to handle).

Do you have any information about your power and gear-ratio requirements?